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Have you ever been frustrated with your love life?
Ever felt like your picker was broken when it comes to choosing men?
Are you ready to do something different?
Ready to have some fun?
Join for this Private Masterclass
How to get a Man to Commit

without looking desperate

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Created for the busy woman who truly in her heart of hearts wants to have a happy and healthy relationship.

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Is your answer Yes to any of these questions?
  • You feel frustrated because you keep connecting with the wrong guy?
  • ​Are you constantly spinning your wheels and burying yourself in work to avoid dealing with the fact you desire to have an amazing love life?
  • Have you been hurt in the past and unsure of how to trust again?
  • ​Do you know all the things you don’t want in a relationship…but unclear how to get what you want?
  • ​Do you find yourself in the “same” relationship over and over again?
  • ​When you look in the mirror, do you see a woman worth loving?
  • ​Do you wonder if you have to waste time on another date?
  • ​Are you genuinely happy and single but still know in your heart you desire an awesome relationship?
When You JOIN us in the MasterClass...
    Powerful Training on how to get a man to commit without looking desperate.
    Why do this solo when you have have fun with other Amazing Women Who Will Be Supporting You As You Create!
  • Fun 
    Everything I do is fun! Lets do it!
Here's What You Could Win...
Refer 3 Friends & You Could Win A Free Month to Real Love Network  Membership Community
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WORDS FROM past Coaching clients
What People Are Saying...
"Choosing Coach Cass a my love coach was a game-changer.  I was always busy with my career and commitments that I felt like love would never find me.  Thank you for the transformation! I am now happily married!
"What a gift. Being over 60, I felt like I wouldn't connect with a man again. Because of Coach Cass I was able to connect with one of the most invigorating relationships of my life!"

"I came to Coach Cass to help with my confidence after divorce.  I left with a new lease on life - and a newfound love. What a difference!"

Step 1
Register for the Class!
Step 2
Put Your Phone on Silent
Step 3
Watch it now!
Regardless of your past history with relationships, you will establish a road map to getting a man to commit without looking desperate.
What "The Masterclass" is not...
  • It is NOT another "sign up and do nothing." You don’t need just emails to do nothing.
  • It is NOT me promising you a "fairy dust”. Even though this experience is magical, you will have to take action.
Why Time is of the essence...
It is NOT Another Quick Fix...
If this page is open, it means that the party is still open for registrations, but it will be closing down soon. And if you're wondering... well, can't I just join the party next time it opens up?
Well, the answer is MAYBE... The last time I did this was over 5 years ago.
I'm not sure if or when the next one will be. But, more importantly, your loved ones. They will be positively impacted by you joining us. Why miss out?
There is an old Chinese proverb that says, "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago... but the 2nd best time, is NOW."
NOW is the best time for you to Join us in the Masterclass!
Join us to transform your love vision!
Here’s what to do next...
After you signup, you will get the link to join the Masterclass. Put it on your calendar and join us fully present.

Hear from Two Ladies that attended the Masterclass

Frequently Asked Questions
    2 hours. 
    No it's on demand.
  • DO I NEED TO BE THERE THE WHOLE TIME? For the Best Experience it would be awesome for you to join us the entire time.
    This isn't about desperation or unhappiness. It's about clarity and community. Going through the process to help enhance your clarity around what you want in a relationship. Joining a community of fabulous successful women like yourself to connect and celebrate with.  And of course having an awesome experience with Coach Cass.
    We believe in creating experiences for women to transform their lives. So this is a simple way to pay it forward. You will have an opportunity to join our official community. In the meantime enjoy our masterclass!
Coach Cass
When love eludes you, there is only one woman who can help you capture it—and she is Dr. Casandra “Coach Cass” Henriquez. An intuitive love coach and matchmaker for successful women with, Coach Cass sets stages aflame as an in-demand speaker and as a TedX presenter.

She is the founder of the Real Love Network, membership community for Successful Women to enhance their communication styles, confidence, connection, and clarity. And the creator of the Love Deck, 60 affirmation and meaningful conversation starters.

Her voice has graced the airwaves weekly on the #1 Radio show in South Florida and she has hosted her own television show.  You can often find her relaxing on the beaches of the world (during quarantine her living room) with her husband Andy and daughter,Ava, jamming to reggae vibes.
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